Now open

in Edgewater,


Hours of Operation

Wed – Sat
Dinner : 5 – 10pm

Fri & Sat
Chai : 430pm

Brunch : 11am – 2pm

We currently do not accept reservations!

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Winter ’16 Menu

(v) Samosas

Spicy Lamb Slider

(v) Bhel Puri

(v) Fried Okra & Vegetable Chips

(v) Baingan Bharata

(v) Chana Masala

(v) Chana Masala

Butter Chicken Masala

Fried Chicken '65'

(v) Seasonal Saag Paneer


Slow-rise naan

(v) Red Matta Coconut Pulao

(v) Herbed Rice

(v) Mushroom Rice

Daily Specials

Lamb Special

(v) Vegetables & Lentils Plate


Butterscotch Apple & Orange

Small Bites Trio

Mango Parfait with Jalebi


Namaste India

Not Your Mama's Lassi

Desi Margarita

Bollywood Old Fashioned

Mango Pickle's Gin & Tonic

Smoky Negroni

Feni Hot Toddy

Seasonal Shrubs (Non-alcoholic)

Today's Soda (Non-alcoholic)



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“The Indians are the Italians of Asia… There is so much Italian in the Indians, and so much Indian in the Italians.”
~Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts