Indian in full frame, with a fresh perspective

We’re inspired by the diversity and dynamism of India’s rich culinary landscape - which goes far beyond the popular tandoori oven preparations of its northern frontiers to the distinctly exciting fare also of its coasts and avant garde urban homes, streets and eateries. Our approach is influenced by our location in the midwest, with attention to season, sustainability, and quality of the ingredients we use and their preparation.


Marisa PaolilLo

Chicago-native Marisa’s Italian roots may have something to do with her passion for cooking. Her journey as a chef however began in Bombay (Mumbai), India - a melting pot of locals, expats, cultures and cuisines from every part of India - when she joined the startup team at The Table and trained under Chef Alex Sanchez, in the company of chefs from across India. Her exposure to Indian cuisine was ongoing over the near decade she was based in India, both at home and over multiple excursions to different regions of India with her partner, Nakul Patel, a Gujarati native of Bombay. She continued honing her skills in kitchens and bakeries across three continents, including Lakeview’s Wood Restaurant, where she was a member of Chef Ashlee Aubin’s team until she was ready for Mango Pickle. Her work continues to be motivated by her concern for human and environmental wellbeing in our times. When she’s not busy cooking or reading cookbooks, she’d rather be on a trail in the wilderness or on a yoga mat.


Gregory Bazire

Chef & restaurateur, Greg Bazire, a French native who’s been residing and working in India since 2005, brings a deep appreciation of Indian cuisine, understanding of modern technique, and operations management experience to Mango Pickle. A collaboration that first sparked with a month-long catering gig in 2012, for a yoga retreat in Goa, India, has now reignited with Mango Pickle, in Chicago! Greg thrives when presented by the challenges/opportunities to be spontaneously creative - no matter the season, locale or circumstance. Living the present moment - as a father, chef or photographer - is his mantra.