à la carte

Inspired by the Indian thali where 6 flavors and a variety
of preparations are offered in a combination of fried, sweet,
salad, yogurt, gravy, stir-fry, and breads, and rice are shared
together by groups of friends and family.



Heirloom Tomato Salad
purple beans, puffed lotus seeds, spiced cashews 14

Paneer Salad
fresh herbs, red onion, shiso, mustard greens 12


Unwrapped Samosa
kabocha squash, two chutneys 10

Chicken Breast 65
pickled red onion, date chutney 22


Crispy Dokla & Seared Puffball Mushroom
grilled baby corn, yogurt-baked carrots, melon chutney 15

Corn Kitchari
italian eggplant, red onion, cherry tomatoes 22


Chicken Kolhapuri
grilled baby corn, chinese broccoli, coconut, coriander, kashmiri chili 24

Pork Vindaloo
melrose peppers, red onion, potato, kashmiri chili, tamarind 26

Vegetable Chana Dal
savoy cabbage, japanese eggplant, grilled heirloom tomato 18


Pan-Fried Naan
chaat masala, kasoori methi, grated coconut 7

Hearth Bread
3 whipped butters: goda masala, ginger-garlic-herb, garam masala 7

Spiced Whole Wheat Tepla
lemon pickle, mango pickle 7

Whole Wheat Roti
rolled and pan baked to order 7


Melon Kulfi
compressed melon, whipped cream, meringue, fennel 7

Mishti Doi
caramelized jaggery, nougatine, dark chocolate 7

Indian Milk Fudge
semolina-almond, black & white sesame-peanut, chocolate fudge 3

Mum’s Masala Chai 5

Saffron Sweet Lassi

Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions. 
Produce & meats reflected on our menu come from local sources - Genesis Growers, Green Acres Produce, Avrom Farms, Henry’s Farm, Nichols Farm, Slagel Family Farm, among others